22 Oct

Post 5

One of Apple’s iOS 9 new features is the low power mode where the phone turns into low power once your battery is close to draining empty. The same low power mode is also available on Google phones. As for many Android phones, there are no such features at this point. The upcoming releases may feature the low power mode but for now, there’s another app you can get in line with.

Created to help Android users save battery, the Hush app was invented to kill apps and tasks. If you’re an Android user, you know how apps can wake up even when your phone is in sleep mode and eat up a chunk of your battery. They ran in the background and before you knew it; your battery’s almost empty. In most cases, you won’t even know which apps are the culprits.

Enter Hush, an invention designed specifically for phones running on Android. At this point, the app is still on its experimental software stage. Thankfully, the developer is already working into making Hush an app that mobile users can easily download through the Google Play Store.

The idea behind the app is to determine which apps you use often and which ones you rarely use. What the app does is spot apps that you don’t use often from running in the background when the phone’s asleep.   As long as the screen is off, the app will prevent these apps from draining your battery.

To illustrate, let’s say you’re a heavy Twitter user and rarely opens Instagram. With this info in mind, Hush will let your Twitter update but not your Instagram. This way the total energy you are using will be significantly reduced. According to the research, it can save up to 16% of your Android phone’s battery drain.