1 Oct

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We’re barely getting used to the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus but there are already rumors about Apple’s plans for 2017. Rumor has it that the big brand is geared up to release maybe three iPhones by next year. There was a leak about the upcoming iPhone 6C, which many suspect Apple itself leaked and there’s also word about the iPhone 7.

As we speak, many customers are still waiting for their pre-ordered iPhone 6S to arrive. While they’re waiting, Apple is already stirring up some excitement for its successor. Considering the rate new phones are launched year after year, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

If you’re a die-hard iPhone user, you are likely to upgrade that iPhone 6S to iPhone 7 come 2016. It’s only September and it is very possible said successor will launch the same month next year. It seems a long way to think about as early as now. But like every other avid iPhone fan, however, we’re sure you’re just as excited to know more details.

Base on some info we’ve gathered, this is what we know about the upcoming iPhone 7:

Release Date

There is no exact release date at this point but the iPhone 7 is expected to launch in 2016 as successor to the iPhone 6S. The rumors do not stop there either. Like any other handset manufacturer, it’s a given that big brands such as Apple has long-term plans. Another rumor suggests that Apple may have plans to release another iPhone, this time the iPhone 8 but not until 2018.

What to Expect

At a glance, the iPhone 7 is believed to sport new features and an all-new sleeker design. But more importantly, the next iPhone will also feature an upgraded processor. If you think your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S is fast now, think again. iPhone 7 is expected to impress you some more with its more powerful processor.

Before the iPhone 7 and other upcoming phones will release in the market, however, we still have the iPad Air to look forward too. It is believed that Apple will be launching the iPad Air before this year ends. We’ll soon hear more about the upcoming iPhone 7 after that.

What do we know about this next generation processor? According to the buzzes, said processor is what will power up the iPhone 7. Some sources have already named it as well. It will be the Apple A10 Hexa-Core chip, an upgrade to the A9 processor you will find in today’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

According to sources, Apple’s focus come 2016 will be different. The brand plans to zero in on creating a processor capable of multithread processing. If this is the case, the A10 chip is expected to be a hexa-core or 6-core CPU. Apple may work with existing partners like TSMC to create the processor using a type of semiconductor production method.

While these are just rumors, there might be an ounce of truth to this considering that the source is the same one that predicted the A9 chip in impressive details before it was confirmed and became available in the market.

For now, it is worth nothing that one source has said that TSMC may begin the A10 chip production by the first quarter of 2016, maybe around March. Another info worth noting is Apple’s plan to use the glass-on-glass touch panels plus the thickness may mimic that of an iPod Touch. But again remember, these are only rumors. We’ll have to wait to hear more details in the coming months.