29 Oct

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EE may be the biggest network provider in the UK but it’s not always the best option for everyone. It has the widest coverage and offers a pretty reliable service in general but when it comes to choosing a carrier, however, there are other factors to consider.

If you want to try the latest 4G mobile voice service, for example, EE cannot meet your need. Instead Three has gotten ahead of EE. Three is gearing up to launch the first ever 4G mobile voice service in the UK. If this new service becomes available, customers can now make voice calls over 4G. Even inside your house, in a building or in the office, you can make calls without interruptions and distractions because the 4G voice service will basically improve coverage even when indoors.

According to Three UK, what the new mobile technology will really do is boost how signals travel indoor and even to rural areas. As long as your handset or plan includes a 4G coverage, the mobile voice service will eventually let you call anywhere in the UK. The goal is to pretty much eliminate black spots in the country with the help of the new technology.

Currently, there are about 4.5 million subscribers who avail Three’s 4G network as part of their data plan but has to drop to 3G when making regular calls. With 3G, signals travel less efficiently especially indoors. Three’s response to this dilemma is to offer the 4G Super Voice service that will now allow voice calls using your 4G network.

If you used to experience poor signals to a point that you can no longer send texts or make calls in some areas, that’s about to change. With the 4G super voice, calling in these so-called black spots will be resolved hence no more worries about not making calls or sending text messages especially during emergencies.

As the first carrier to offer the 4G super voice service, Three has beaten EE and others to take this initiative into effect. So far, Three has already covered about 50% of the UK subscribers improving their indoor coverage thanks to the new technology. With continued positive response, Three is aiming to keep rolling out the service throughout the country. The goal is to extend the service to 65% of the population in the counter before 2015 ends.